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My Instrument Is Not Functioning Properly. What Should I Do Next?


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  • Wiliam Michael Tomlinson

    My UBass is one of your early ones ( E8 #909-199). I use a Roland micro cube to play every Saturday at the beach in Santa Cruz.

    Recently, and occasionally, I am getting distortions in my low notes: primarily on the E and maybe the A.

    I wrote Roland and got a good response from them. Unfortunately, and as I recall when I last opened my uke to install new flat wire strings several months ago, there is non battery to replace. 

    Any suggestions appreciated.


    And come visit us any Sat. Morning from 10-noon when there are 50-75 ukuleles playing in beautiful harmony. Many of the players have learned from our libraries’ loaner Kala ukes that you folks have donated.

    Mickey Tomlinson

    329 10th ave

    Santa Cruz, Ca 95062

    Roland BOSS Product Support (Roland Corporation)

    Oct 19, 2023, 10:11 AM PDT

    Hello Mickey,
    Thanks for reaching out and contacting Roland BOSS USA Operational Product Support about the MICRO CUBE.
    The Roland Micro Cube was more designed for electric guitar instrumentation and frequency range.
    If using a bass ukulele it may have lower frequencies that may be causing issues.
    Check and test with some alternate instrumentation and see if the experience is the same or not.
    You may also want to check and replace the internal preamp battery for your onboard preamp for the electric ukulele.
    Usually this is a CR2032 or 9V battery. 
    If a preamp battery is dying, output will sound like a slight distortion/fuzz pedal.
    If you're still having issues with your Micro Cube, you may submit a service repair request using the link below, and send it in for evaluation, service and repair.
    The Roland Micro Cube, only has a 1 Year Parts and 90 Day Labor Warranty, for the original user, from the date of purchase, and is non-transferable.
    If outside of warranty terms, you may still have your device serviced/repaired, however, will have to pay out of pocket for parts and labor.
    To honor warranty terms, please be prepared to provide a copy of your point of sale purchase to our Service Center Admins upon request.


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